The Creators

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The Creators is a community-building project founded by REVOLUTION LA. We aim to build small scale, community-led and community-controlled projects that speak to the daily needs of the people, expanding our efforts to serve the economically disadvantaged through a wide range of grassroots projects.

When the needs of the people are insufficiently met, it becomes our duty to move from observer to creator- and become actively involved in creating the world we want to see. In order to transform society, it is first necessary to help uplift and empower those within our communities, and develop local solutions to address basic survival struggles and social injustices.

Our objective is to build the cornerstone for a new society based on the central tenets of universal human rights to secure all persons the foundations to live a dignified life. The three implicitly pro-humanity platforms include: access to quality Education, Housing- the right for all human beings to live with a roof over their heads, and Healthcare- the right for every person to have quality healthcare, access to clean drinking water and food.

This comes at a critical time that requires a deeper focus and commitment to the issues that people face in their daily lives. We need on-the-ground organizing outside of the political establishment. We need cooperation and self-empowerment within our neighborhoods, we need movement and energy flowing through our streets.

We the Creators create our reality- creation centered on conscious action to cultivate security and hope.

This is community service, revolutionized; humanity organized- founded on peace and participation, structured on the realistic needs of the people.

The Creators is the beginning of a revolution in Los Angeles created by restructuring our city from the bottom-up, forming the groundwork for an evolved system founded on economic security, environmental sustainability, and human rights for all.

This is a call for all visionaries, artists, and builders to rise and co-create.

The greatest act of resistance is creation.

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new." - Socrates 


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