Universal Publicly Funded Healthcare.

Healthcare is a vital necessity of life that must be afforded to every single person as a fundamental human right. 35 million Americans do not have access to healthcare, with millions more placed into positions of financial hardships due to the for-profit costs of primary, preventive care and medical treatments.

As the only industrialized country that does not offer universal healthcare, the U.S. spends $3.8 trillion annually on a healthcare system that ranks last in quality, cost, access and efficiency in comparison to other developed nations. The cost for universal health care in the U.S. is estimated at $95 billion, one-third the cost of what we currently spend on an ineffective system that prioritizes profits for insurance companies and medical establishments over the medical care and treatment of its people.

The Medical-Industrial Complex must end through the removal of patent protections, ending the financial relationships between doctors and drug companies, and prohibiting lobbying and federal campaign contributions. Pharmaceutical companies should be accountable to the wellness of the people and not their shareholders.

Basic human needs cannot be commoditized. We support a health care system that is national and publicly funded, guaranteeing access to adequate medical care with protection from financial hardship for specialist health services. This is a prerequisite for a human rights framework that ensures the universal health and wellbeing for all human beings.