End Globalization. Repeal NAFTA, TPP and International Free Trade Agreements.

Corporate free-trade agreements have given rise to the offshoring of production, contributing to stagnant wages and the loss of nearly 5 million U.S. manufacturing jobs over the past 20 years. NAFTA and the TPP are two major examples of neoliberal policies that have undermined prosperity and economic growth for common people as jobs are either lost or workers’ wages and collective bargaining rights have been undercut, leading to many forced to find work for less pay.

We support a national economic system of trade protectionism, repealing NAFTA and the TPP, raising tariffs and dismantling the pillars of economic globalization in which multinational corporations benefit at the expense of the people and the nation itself. While imports increase and exports significantly slow, trade expansion deals have also led to a ballooning of the U.S. trade deficit and rising inequality due to the upward redistribution of wealth and power to the multi-national corporations to whom free-trade agreements benefit.

The security and economic sustainability of the U.S. necessitates the investment and development of crucial infrastructure and employment through domestic production and distribution of goods and services. A tariff on imports would deter businesses from exporting jobs where domestic workers have to compete with low-wage workers overseas and the exploitation of offshore labor and environmental regulations. The resultant trade surplus can then provide capital to invest in public works projects and contribute to economic prosperity for all.