Inheritance Cap for the Super-Rich.

One of the most significant systemic flaws in society is the stranglehold of economic prosperity by exclusive groups of private interests. It has become apparent that those with disproportionate levels of wealth and power have colluded to maintain their status quo at the expense of the vast majority.

A primary component enabling the formation of the elitist class is that enormous fortunes are passed down generation after generation, through accrued assets, resources, with banking dynasties inherited across historical eras. This intergenerational hoarding of wealth consolidates power in perpetuity, creating a restrictive feedback loop of unequal influence, and therefore a major component to overall economic inequality and class conflict.

We support an inheritance cap for the super-rich, preventing vast fortunes from intergenerational accumulation. These assets and resources will be reinvested back into the well being of society, circulating back into the commonwealth for the greater good.