Transparent and Open Government.

Politicians and elected officials must be accountable to the people and not their campaign donors. The American people have been effectively silenced through the corruption of moneyed interests as corporate lobbyists and wealthy individuals exert unrestricted power and influence over spending priorities and public policy agendas.

We support a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United. Power must be given back into the hands of the public, allowing for a human address of the needs of the people, whom must always remain priority over special interests. We must end cronyism, nepotism and revolving-door politics by creating preventative measures against conflicts of interests.

Elections should be publicly funded, prohibiting political action committees and Super PACs from shaping political discussion and public policy. The people’s right to self-governance necessitates their ability to collectively hold political power, paving the way for future progress in areas including: civil rights, labor rights, and environmental protection.