End Police Brutality, Private Prisons and the War on Drugs.

Police brutality and discrimination against communities of color must end. We support community policing, the demilitarization of police forces, external civilian oversight of police departments and greater judicial accountability. Law enforcement officials working to serve and protect our communities must do so with respect to the dignity and human rights of its citizens. We must take systematic steps to eradicate institutionalized racism, improving education and training for police personnel to become integrated as part of the community rather than peripheral as armed enforcers.

We support eliminating for-profit imprisonment and a commitment to reducing prison populations. The U.S. has 5 percent of the world’s population, but 25 percent of the world’s prison population. The vulnerable groups of society including ethnic minorities, and those from disadvantaged backgrounds, cannot be placed in an exploitative system of privatized prisons contracted out to profit-driven corporations. Corporate lobbyists cannot continue to have influence over criminal law. Rehabilitation and public safety are responsibilities that should be handled by a federal parole system, not dictated by private interests. The prison system must be completely overhauled into centers for skills training, mental health services and general rehabilitation in order to reduce recidivism, de-criminalize inmates and convert them into productive members of society.

The trillion-dollar war on drugs must end. For the last four decades, generations of young people have been jailed and imprisoned for low-level offenses, costing taxpayers $80 billion annually on corrections and incarceration. We support the decriminalization of drugs and humanitarian policies that focus on treatment over prosecution.