Restructure the Agriculture Industry.

Agriculture is the largest industry in the world as food is the foundation of civilization, providing the basic sustenance for all of life. As a result of corporate dominance over the global food supply, the planet faces unsustainable and vast deforestation, the destruction of species and ecosystems, deterioration of freshwater resources, increases in global greenhouse gas emissions, and the desertification of 1/3 of the planet’s land.

Animal agriculture and the raising and eating of livestock are the greatest contributing factors of our current environmental crisis, accounting for 51% of human-caused climate change and over 30% of the world’s water consumption. The meat and diary industries produce more greenhouse gases than the fossil fuel intensive auto industry combined. We must become committed to reducing the methane emissions in the atmosphere through a public awareness campaign correlating dietary habits with its effects on the planet’s resources.

A major restructuring of the agriculture industry is needed to restrict the large-scale corporate agriculture sector from environmental degradation. We support the creation of a systemic approach for the efficiency of food retention, soil regeneration techniques, widespread personal and community gardens, organics, local distribution networks, and sustainability.

Processed foods must be taxed and regulated at greater degrees and reinvested into the development of local organic farms as part of the green public works program. We endorse small-scale enterprises while progressively preventing consolidation and growth of monolithic food corporations. All production should be 100% sustainable and shift towards food self-sufficiency and optimal human health, while ensuring total transparency for products on the market in the favor of consumers.