Education Revolution.

Education is not a privilege; it is a human right. We need to foster the intellectual capital of our youth, cultivating students to reach their highest potential through an education approach that encourages creativity, reasoning, analytical thinking, and innovation. Illiteracy must be eradicated.

The existing K-12 system must be revolutionized, disbanding the outdated public education model and replacing it with high-quality early childhood education programs that support the growth and development of every child. A quality education is not just a personal investment; it is a public investment in social capital.

Public colleges and state universities must be made tuition-free. The federal government currently spends $69 billion on financial aid programs for students to attend for-profit schools with low graduation rates, while the cost to make public higher education tuition-free is estimated at $62 billion, less than 10 percent of the U.S. military and defense budget. We support the cancellation of all student loan debt. An education system should be conducive to learning and the creation of powerful minds, not a multigenerational debt cycle.

We have a moral imperative to our youth and our future to provide every student with an initiative to learn with equal access and opportunity to pursue a higher education. Higher education must be transformed, moving from a system of programmed learning, into one centered on true knowledge, producing highly-skilled advanced workforce and fully realized citizens capable of leading and contributing to society in a positive manner.