Dismantle the Military-Industrial Complex.

Focus on growing the civilian economy; end the empire and permanent war economy. Since 2011, the financial cost of war in the U.S. has reached $1.6 trillion. Our political and economic welfare cannot be dependent on wars funded by American taxpayers while the domestic security and wellbeing of citizens remains unstable. National security must instead emphasize access to human needs: creating jobs, access to healthcare, housing, funding education, and rebuilding our infrastructure. National defense protection should operate within a reasonable and rational model that provides for self-defense while respecting the sovereignty of other nations.

Dismantle the military-industrial complex which currently receives a majority of its funding from the federal government. Withdraw all U.S. military presence deployed around the globe, descale and nationalize all arms manufacturers, close U.S. bases around the world, end drone warfare, cease weapons sales and military assistance to Saudi Arabia, and cutoff military aid to Israel unless all remnants of apartheid state are dismantled, human rights violations cease and a two-state solution is reached.

The United States spends $610 billion annually in defense, accounting for over 50 percent of all federal expenditures. The U.S. military currently outspends the top 9 global military budgets combined. We must move from a society that maintains mass destruction into one that values mass creation.

We must put an end to the destruction and destabilizing of entire regions, resulting in the deaths and migration of millions of innocent civilians to further the private interests of corporations and the U.S.’s geopolitical agenda. International policies must focus on a peace economy, using foreign aid in vulnerable areas to promote jobs and livelihoods.