Strengthen Labor Power and Worker Co-Ops.

Over the last half century, the labor power of workers have drastically declined and wages have remained stagnant. With unions and collective bargaining rights stripped along with the lowering of labor standards, the basic rights of workers, both union and nonunion have been undercut, threatening our ability to earn a decent living wage.

Workers must have the right to unionize without retribution. Corporations outsource both low and high-paying jobs to countries with lower wages, and attack union organizing by threatening to shut domestic operations and move production abroad. The erosion of wage and labor standards continues to destroy income equality by widening the gap between productivity and compensation of wages and benefits.

We need a rejuvenation of labor power, actualized through the co-operative business model. Worker cooperatives where worker-owners collectively organize and control the means of production and services provide mutually benefitting profits for all members. The worker co-op framework empowers all worker-owners through member-controlled policies and decision making, while strengthening community development at the local level.

We must build a new world founded on economic justice where profit and prosperity are collectively shared. The creation of local economies based on an interwoven system of cooperatives and local businesses can jointly support one another and prevent a single corporation from gaining economic monopoly and stronghold profit. ‚Ä®Community-led and controlled co-operative economies allow for a more “human” address of problems; shifting economic power to the local decision-making process helps prioritize the wellbeing of the people over private interests.