People and Planet over Profit



We are in a transformational period. Anti-establishment agitation rises, erupted from decades of poverty-level wages, a student debt crisis, climate change that threatens our people and planet, corrupt politics, and a permanent war economy.

True change doesn't come from a President; it rises from the grassroots. We are in a unique moment in history that requires not just an indictment of a rigged system; we need visionary motion to create an alternative system that shifts power into the hands of the people. It is now up to us to create a conscious resistance, to transform this moment into a human and earth-centered movement that places People and Planet over Profit.

It will be a long and difficult road to revolutionize the federal government in which Trump now holds power. However, revolutionaries in progressive cities like Los Angeles are able to have a very real effect on legislation by influencing the Mayor and City Council, regardless of who is in the White House.

It's time to take back our community.

As the nation reaches a turning point, we are turning inwards with a local-first approach to revolutionary change. Collective action is urgently needed to re-organize Los Angeles, to turn our city into a bastion of hope and a true progressive model to inspire the rest of the country.

We have put forward three critical agenda points with direct action steps to create positive and powerful changes in Los Angeles on three critical fronts: ecology, economy, and politics
Even in the Trump era, the future is ours to define. Now is our time to present a clear vision of the world we want to see, and mobilize within our communities to create lasting social change: a revolution in Los Angeles.







We will not support financial institutions that commit mortgage fraud, illegally foreclose on working-class families, reap record profits by gouging our people with crippling fees, fund wars abroad, and invests in the destruction of our planet. For a future centered on the wellbeing of the people, we must redefine commerce as something greater than profit generating. We want people-driven not profit-driven businesses. We will wither away the power of Big Banks and the central banking system by creating a movement to divest and move money into not-for-profit credit unions in Los Angeles.

The City of Seattle just officially became the first major city to divest $3 billion from Wells Fargo for funding the Dakota Access Pipeline, also citing their fraudulent and unethical banking practices. We want LA City Council to follow Seattle's lead and defund DAPL, and amend and strengthen their current Responsible Banking legislation to ensure that city assets and investments are managed by socially and environmentally sound financial institutions.

In the new era of conscious economics, banks and businesses will serve and be beholden to the people not shareholders. This is the beginning of a conscientious movement independent of the oligarchic system, building a new world with policies that truly reflect a People over Profit system.

ACTION STEP: Divest money from big banks in Los Angeles as direct-action to cut ties with the mega-financial industries profiting off of the destruction of our people and planet. We will hold forums and create campaigns to educate and encourage people to switch their money from big banks to local L.A. credit unions cooperatives.




Los Angeles City Council recently took a major step towards clean energy, approving a measure for Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) to explore the transition to 100% renewable energy. This is good headway, but it is not enough to ensure a clean future.

Our demand is for Los Angeles to become 100% committed to being 100% renewable and end fossil fuel dependency as quickly as possible. We want a pledge to boost the city’s renewable energy consumption from 20 percent in 2017, to 50 percent by 2027, to 100 percent by 2037. We demand that coal, oil and gas be kept in the ground for all electrical generation and transportation. We demand a ban on urban drilling and all new fossil fuel infrastructures.

As a center for innovation, it’s crucial that Los Angeles become a global leader on clean energy. We need to repower our communities and remake the city’s electric grid for a greener and cleaner future.

ACTION STEP: Political movements work best when as many people as possible get informed and involved. We can make a huge difference in Los Angeles by exercising our rights as citizens and participate in the local political process. We will co-occupy City Council policy meetings on energy and the environment with a large contingent of activists and community members. We want commitment and action, not empty promises.

Now is the time for bold, direct demands to address the climate crisis to transition to carbon-free energy. We will direct efforts towards community outreach and create educational forums on eco-friendly practices and the importance of a clean energy future. Our aim is to inspire and encourage residents to take action to conserve natural resources, protect the environment, and make a difference in greening neighborhoods across Los Angeles County.




Our local government is not for sale. We want clean elections in Los Angeles without big money polluting campaigns and city policy-making. Voters in Seattle and South Dakota have recently passed initiatives that overturn a system where politicians rely on big donors. Each citizen will soon be provided with vouchers to contribute to candidates who also agree to fundraising and spending restrictions.

Our aim is to help lead the initiative for a Democracy Voucher-centered anti-corruption act inspired by Seattle’s citizen-led I-122 measure which provides voters with four $25 vouchers to donate to political candidates of their choice. A publicly-financed voucher program would help level the political playing field. Along with Democracy Vouchers, the act addresses a number of issues to fight corruption.

Public financing accomplishes three goals: 1) It empowers small donors and limits outside influence of elections by wealthy individuals and corporations. 2) It gives progressive and radical candidates more power to compete against establishment elites. 3) It compels candidates to engage with the people directly rather than a few moneyed interests. Politicians and elected officials must be accountable to the people, not lobbyists and large corporations. It's time to create and demand a culture of anti-corruption in City Hall.

ACTION STEP: Pass an Anti-Corruption Act, centered around Democracy Vouchers, in Los Angeles. If City Council won’t support it then we will put it on the ballot in 2018.