The Creators - Extreme Makeover: Revolutionary Edition!

Revolution LA's Classroom Makeover project was a labor of love for Urban Partners Los Angeles' Without Limits tutoring program- a commUNITY effort to create a world where every child can flourish. This was our first Creators project- a successful collaboration between RevLA organizers, artists, volunteers and community donors, who united to transform a basement into a bright and colorful space for underprivileged students to attain supplemental education through free math and language classes. Over the course of a month, we strategized, fundraised, mobilized resources and volunteers and created a safe and special place where kids from low-income families could feel excited and inspired to learn and to grow.

We are so proud of our team and the outcome of this project. We hope these photos will inspire others to CREATE in their own communities, building a new world one space and one program at a time.

This is the beginning of the creation of a new evolved society, from a new generation of revolutionaries. - RevLA, November 2016

Project Lead: Trinity Tran
Artists: Brian Bernhard, Ronald Feghali, Rob Quan
Construction and Building Lead: Anthony (Tony) Piceno, Steve Volkommer
Product and Donations: Alex Kanish, Irene Montanes, Samantha Duarte, Trinity Tran
Fundraising Team: Gabby Hudspeth, Alex Kanish, Kristin Mann, Robyn Schneider, Trinity Tran
Project Managers: Judy Tran, Kristin Mann, Trinity Tran
Lighting and Electrical: Andrew Montanes
Plumbing: Arnold Morton
Book Organization: Phoenix
Photography: Tukro, Trinity Tran
Video and Timelapse: Maverick, Tukro, Trinity Tran
Project Video: Maverick


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Brian Bernhard's mural

Ronald Feghali's mural

Rob Quan's mural