Risen from the grassroots.

Trinity Tran

Founder of Revolution LA. Co-Founder Public Bank LA. Creator of Divest LA. Lead Organizer. Fascinated by unseen energy, the sacred form, the art of creation.

Phoenix Goodman

Co-Founder and Economic Advisor for Revolution LA and Divest LA. Co-Founder Public Bank LA.

Irene Montantes

Irene heads Community Outreach for Revolution LA and Divest LA. Irene has been a part of several movements, including Standing Rock, immigration rights, and the anti-GMO protests. 

Ben Hauck

Ben is the Director of Partnerships for Revolution LA and Divest LA. He works on a wide range of progressive issues, but focuses on the fight for environmental justice. 

Gabby Hudspeth

As an organizer for Revolution LA and Divest LA's social media team, Gabby has the opportunity to help spread the truth that she feels so many of us are looking for. 


Trew (short for Trew Love) is an artist and activist in LA. A Kansas City native and a resident of LA for 7 years now, Trew loves being in a progressive city where she has found her tribe at Revolution LA.

Heidi Kang

Heidi is a co-organizer with Revolution LA and have been involved with the group since 2016. She is a lightworker sent here on a mission! 

Dan McCollister

Dan leads the Protest and Street Team division for Revolution LA. His goal is to make them upbeat, musical and positive. His inspiration is the movie “Newsies.”


Maverick organizes film and video for Revolution LA. He doesn’t accept the status quo, because he knows things could be exponentially better than what the elites have to offer.


Courage is the Communications Coordinator for Revolution LA and Divest LA. Lakota Name: Red Tail Hawk Watching Closely (Tribes: Oglala Lakota, Mestizo).

Victor Casas

Victor is an LA resident who is tired of being a bystander, inspired by the great possibilities of humanity.