Trinity Tran

Trinity Tran is the co-founder and lead organizer for Revolution LA, Public Bank LA and Divest LA. Created in 2014, Revolution LA is a grassroots progressive organization that became the catalyst for Divest LA, Public Bank LA, and the California Public Banking Alliance.

She believes revolution is about creation and transformation, rather than destruction. Trinity created the Divest LA campaign in March 2017, and lead the efforts to move the City of Los Angeles’ public funds from Wells Fargo Bank into ethical financial institutions. In one year, the volunteer-led coalition took on Wells Fargo and won- disqualifying the Bank from the City's commercial banking services and moved Los Angeles City Council to create a 30-point social responsible scoring system, making it the most progressive municipal banking services contract in the nation. In June 2017, she co-founded the Public Bank LA grassroots campaign to bring a new era of finance through a socially and environmentally chartered city-owned public bank. In February 2018, Trinity and Revolution LA organizers joined the board of Urban Partners Los Angeles, a non-profit organization with a mission to provide a life-line of support, including food and educational resources, to underprivileged communities in Los Angeles.

In March 2018, Trinity and the Public Bank LA team initiated the California Public Banking Alliance (CPBA), a coalition of grassroots public banking advocacy groups working to pass a public banking license bill in the California state legislature. She loves powerful visions and ideas, and all things bold and interstellar. She enjoys maneuvering moving parts to solve complex problems. Impossible is never an option.


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