The Revolution in 2018 and Beyond!


In the summer of 2014, a small group of activists started organizing out of coffeeshops and church basements in Koreatown. Without funding or resources, we built incrementally through monthly community meetings. Within just a few years, our team of volunteers initiated some of the most important community-led initiatives in the country. We're a testament to the power of the grassroots.
As we look back on 2018, the odds are becoming less overwhelming. We have good reason to be optimistic about a socially and economically just future in Los Angeles.
Since 2016, we've launched 2 movements to take on the most destructive industry on the planet: big banks. The first, Divest LA, succeeded in taking on Wells Fargo in the City of Los Angeles, and the second, Public Bank LA, lead a city-wide ballot measure campaign which gained the support of over 430,000 Angelenos, propelled public banking on the national political radar, and inspired Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to incorporate public banking into her Green New Deal proposal. 
And now we're working on a third, the California Public Banking Alliance, with allied cities across California, to mobilize the fifth largest economy in the world against Wall Street.
While taking on the fight to revolutionize finance, we took the struggle back to the streets.
This year, Revolution LA teamed up with Urban Partners Los Angeles to help empower the inner-city. Urban Partners is an amazing non-profit organization which started over 23 years ago after the L.A. Riots decimated areas of Los Angeles and community members decided to step up to take care of food distribution for families in need.
Since 1993, Urban Partners programs have served over 270,000 bags of groceries, tutored hundreds of disadvantaged elementary school students in Math and English, and nourished over 20,000 children.
And now we're energized and ready to take on 2019. 
If you're reading this, you are the resistance. 
Whether you want to organize for public banking or help underprivileged families with food security and educational resources, now's the time to act. 
We look forward to building a stronger Los Angeles together.
Wishing you an empowered New Year from the Revolution LA family!


Some of our press highlights from the 2018 Public Bank LA campaign!


Watch Blair Avery's incredible coverage of our campaigns with excerpts from his upcoming documentary film on the divestment and economic revolution.


Revolution LA with ACCE on stage at the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rally. August 2018.

Ben Hauck, Phoenix, and Madeline Merritt meet Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. August 2018.

Trinity Tran speaking on public banking at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's rally in Downtown Los Angeles in August 2018.

Heidi Kang, Irene Montantes and Gabrielle Hudspeth hit the streets for Yes on Measure B! October 2018.

Yes on Measure B press conference with Senator Kevin de Leon, Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson, and coalition leaders from ACCE, ACT-LA, KIWA, LA Voice, Bernie Sanders Brigade, SAJE. October 2018.

Rallying with Eric Andre and Abby Martin for the Yes on B Defundraiser! October 2018.

Marc Armstrong, Trinity, Blair Avery, Ellen Brown, Phoenix and Melissa Michelson, receive the Action Hero Award at Americans for Democratic Action event, October 2018.

Post-meeting for Public Bank LA! July 2018.

Irene Montantes and Phoenix on the Dan Nowman Show.

With Shaun King at the Million Dollar Theater, June 2018.

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks interviews Phoenix and Trinity on Divest LA and Public Bank LA, January 2018.

Ben, Chris Roth, Trinity, Madeline, Peter Tschann-Grimm, Irene, Phoenix, James Wright, Victor Casas. November 2018.

Yes on B Election Night Watch Party, November 2018.

Yes on B Defundraiser! November 2018.

Wrapping presents for inner-city kids with Urban Partners Los Angeles, December 2018.

Distributing groceries for Urban Partners' Groceries for our Neighbors program, December 2018.

Urban Partners Los Angeles Community Building, December 2018. From left to right: Alex Kanish, Larry Cohen, Sarah Jake, Trinity, Victor Casas, Lulu and Nikolai Stanzler, Iyapo Ngina, Gabby Hudspeth, Irene Montantes, Martha Servin 



Revolution LA's People and Planet over Profit meeting where our divestment campaign first emerged in November 2016.

Divest LA launch at the First Unitarian Church in February 2017.

Public Bank LA launch in July 2017.

Public Bank LA's Measure B campaign launch in July 2018.

Public Bank LA 2.0 and California Public Banking Alliance brainstorming session, December 2018.


Now's the time to stand up for the future. Join us, make some new friends and get activated in the New Year:
Let the revolution begin!