Revolution LA’s PROPER:GANDA Film Series is an integrated documentary film screening and community discussion group created as a means to provide education and empowerment through the visual medium. PROPER:GANDA showcases films that spark conversation and raises awareness about social, economic and political issues to counter mainstream media propaganda and rhetoric.

As a society, we are fighting a war of information in which propaganda has become so persuasive many continue to support decisions that contribute to the demise of their own power and influence. The masses are delivered misinformation from corporately owned media conglomerates, indoctrinated into voting against their own interests, relinquishing their power to self-determine their own lives, tricked into supporting wars abroad and the slaughter of innocent civilians, and the destabilization of entire regions of the world in the name of profit and empire.

The objective of the screenings is the examination of root causes of class and national oppression. We believe transparent and shared knowledge is the true path towards freedom and equality. Open and widely accessible information provides full opportunity for public discussion and active participation.

PROPER:GANDA film screenings are followed by a community discussion where we discuss vision and strategies for advancing the revolutionary momentum. An intelligent and well-educated population is the most viable solution for the long-term sustainability of our people and our planet.

Change is needed in a system where the voices of the masses go unheard.

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