Capitalism: A Love Story   |   Director: Michael Moore

An entertaining and informative look at the price we pay for capitalism. As the private interests of corporations and financial institutions reign and profits soar, the freedom and economic security of the average American family is plummeting. A film for anyone searching for answers about why the American Dream we’ve been sold is becoming more like a nightmare.


Cowspiracy   |   Directors: Kip Andersen, Keegan Kuhn

A game-changing documentary uncovering the truth behind the current ecological crisis and the devastating environmental impacts of the animal agricultural industries.


Dirty Wars   |   Director: Richard Rowley

Investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill uncovers the truth behind America's covert Joint Special Operations Command and Washington's global “war on terror.”


Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare   |  
Directors: Susan Froemke, Matthew Heineman

An investigative documentary on the broken U.S. healthcare system, exposing an industry more concerned with profit over patient-driven care.


Flow   |   Director: Irena Salina

An investigative look into one of the most important environmental issues of our time: the water crisis, and corporate dominance and privatization of the global water supply.


Gasland   |   Director: Josh Fox

A documentary film focusing on the devastating environmental effects of hydraulic fracturing or fracking.


How to Start a Revolution   |   Director: Ruaridh Arrow

A film that sets the framework for starting a successful revolution through non-violent resistance. The thought-provoking story of the modern revolution as told by Gene Sharp, author of the famous revolutionary pamphlet From Dictatorship to Democracy, which inspired worldwide uprisings including the Occupy Wall St. Movement.


Inequality for All   |   Director: Jacob Kornbluth

Former United States Secretary of Labor Robert Reich examines the widening levels of income inequality in America and the pressing social and economic consequences of an increased concentration of wealth and power.


Inside Job   |   Director: Charles Ferguson

The collapse of “too big to fail” banks and financial institutions affected nearly every sector of the economy, impacting millions of working people’s lives through the loss of homes, jobs, income and savings. This is the true-life story of how a rogue American financial industry set out to defraud ordinary people in the 2008 global financial meltdown.


Life and Debt   |   Director: Stephanie Black

Examines the effects of globalization on Jamaica’s economic crisis, and how western countries and corporations dominate third world countries via loans, controlling their resources and
creating an economic dependency.


Creating Freedom: The Lottery of Birth   |  
Directors: Raoul Martinez, Joshua van Praag

Lottery of Birth draws on the philosophical argument that the idea and meaning of “freedom” and the forces that shape our identity are largely determinant from the social and economic environment to which we were born into.


Transcendent Man   |   Director: Barry Ptolemy

A film about the life of futurist Ray Kurzweil and his discussions on a speculative future of technological singularity where artificial and human intelligence will synthesize.


The War You Don't See   |   Director: John Pilger

An investigation into the media’s role in the Iraq, Afghanistan, and Israel/Palestine wars.


Where to Invade Next   |   Director: Michael Moore

An invasion without weapons, Moore storms countries across the world to steal the most socially responsible ideas. A provocative comedy that gives us a glimpse of real practical solutions to America’s systemic problems from the prison system to the school system to the drug war and the justice system.  A powerful, eye-opening film on how to actually make America great again.


Zeitgeist: Addendum   |   Director: Peter Joseph

The second installment in Peter Joseph’s Zeitgest film series examines the debt-based monetary system, the role of the World Bank and IMF on the exploitation of poor nations, and introduces “The Venus Project." Full Film


Zeitgeist: Moving Forward   |   Director: Peter Joseph

In the third sequel of Zeitgeist, Peter Joseph investigates the imperative for greater socio-economic change and the need for a transition out of a scarcity-based monetary system into a
resource-based economy. Full Film