Privacy-Enhancing Software

Google Search Replacement - (Search engine that doesn’t track you)
- DuckDuckGo (

Secure Messaging, Group Chat, and Phone Calls on Mobile
- Signal by Open Whisper Systems (Android version; iPhone version; or search your app store)
      - Android: your messages are encrypted when recipient has Signal, unencrypted otherwise
      - iPhone: you can only message other Signal users; all those messages are encrypted

Secure Messaging, Group Chat on Desktop
Signal Desktop (Chrome extension) (Must install signal mobile app on your phone)

Anonymous Web Browsing
- Desktop: Tor (
- Android: Orbot and Orfox (Install both; then browse the web using Orfox)

Secure Instant Messaging
- Mobile: ChatSecure (Android version; iPhone version; or search your app store)
­- Windows desktop: Pidgin + OTR plugin (howto:­use­otr­windows)
-­ Mac OS: Adium ( (howto:­use­otr­mac)

Anonymous Instant Messaging on Desktop
- Ricochet ( (Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux; sends your IMs over Tor)

Skype Replacement
(Secure video conferencing)
- Jitsi Meet (

Browser Extensions
(To increase security between you and websites that support HTTPS)
- HTTPS Everywhere (­everywhere)

Secure Email (Won't encrypt emails you receive; outgoing emails can optionally be encrypted)
ProtonMail (Android version; iPhone version; desktop web app)
      - Emails sent to other ProtonMail users will be encrypted automatically
      - When sending encrypted emails, the body and attachments are encrypted, but not the subject

Other lists of Recommended Software
- (EFF’s "Surveillance Self­-Defense" guide)
- prism­

List compiled by Steve Phillips at

View Steve Phillips/CrypTag's presentation slide.
View Byron Rogers/CryptNode's video tutorial blog.

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