The Movement

Throughout the last half century, widespread economic disparity has drastically affected the well-being and security of the people. 1 percent of America holds 40 percent of the nation’s wealth, while the bottom 80 percent- 8 out of every 10, has 7 percent of wealth between them. The richest 1 percent take home ¼ of national income and this share has tripled within the last few decades. More working families are forced to work longer and harder for less to put food on the table and a roof over their heads, barely scraping by. Nearly 50 million people are living in poverty in the US, and 20 percent of which are children.

The power of workers has drastically declined with unions and collective bargaining rights diminished, and a political system overwrought by corporate power, citizens are left voiceless and defenseless against the rampage looting of taxpayer’s money thinly veiled as bank bailouts. We live in a capitalistic system that relentlessly suppresses the wages of its workers, slashing benefits, outsourcing overseas for cheap labor and lax environmental and tax regulations. CEOs of large corporations now earn 380 times the wages of average workers. Higher education, job security, home ownership, retirement pension, are increasingly out of reach of the average American citizen as the civilian economy continues to be abandoned for the deluge of the military economy, funneling billions of the working people’s dollars to fund imperialism and globalization.

Our system cannot sustain itself unless deep systemic changes are made. It has become more than apparent that we need a revolution that empowers and enriches the lives of all from the bottom-up. We need a reversal of order that subverts a system dominated by ego and controlled by hyper-individualism that has ruled with insatiable, empty greed for the benefit of the few, resulting in the suffering and exploitation of the many.

We created REVOLUTION LA with the intention of educating and empowering as many as possible to become politically conscious and rise up in action. We realize that this is not an inclusive economy that serves the needs and security of the majority of its people; it is an exclusive one that caters predominantly to a small handful of elites. We cannot begin to fix this economic emergency without a greater collective understanding of what is broken.

We see the revolution as a movement for massive fundamental change, subverting a system that benefits a few into one that supports the many. We see non-violent revolution as the most viable path as it lends to the pillars of support being pulled from under the elite’s command structures, rather than legitimizing violence in retribution. For a revolution to succeed, it will have to evolve beyond the methodologies of the past. We are calling for an evolution of revolution.

We believe a world of lasting peace and prosperity is possible. Co-creating our own reality requires an intelligent understanding and corresponding action that supports a reversal of the top-down control systems, creating equality among the people and equal access to opportunity rather than disproportionate levels of power and control.

We created The Vanguard Brainstorming Sessions and the PROPER:GANDA Film Series as a way to engage and empower the community, creating a collective space for dialogue, discussion and grassroots education. A future of peace and prosperity begins with a conscious awakening and a deeper understanding of the mechanisms that create the world in which we live. The creation of a just and equitable world hinders on our ability to disseminate ideas, building a comprehensive vision and a political consensus that wholly represents the interests of the masses.

The crux for a non-violent overthrow is education- for the oppressed to become politically conscious and organize. A revolution using the tools of higher thought combined with unity and action among the people, and a restructuring of all infrastructure, power and modes of output into common heritage. We must begin to mobilize and organize within our communities, and engage in direct action through nonviolent tactics- this begins at a grassroots level.

Our hope is to create a mass movement of conscientious people standing up and fighting for liberation in its truest sense, a worker’s liberation, one that turns the tide to give freedom and justice to 100% rather than the 1%.