The Vanguard

Vanguard is a revolutionary term embodying the class conscious, politically aware fighters of the working class, and their formation of an organization committed to strategizing and organizing for the replacement of the capitalist state with institutions and laws that serves the interests of people. The role of The Vanguard is to teach and disseminate ideas in order to move the mass population into action.

Revolution LA’s Vanguard Brainstorming Sessions are our monthly general assembly, a roundtable meeting aimed at creating conscious solutions for a world that works for all, based on the foundations of universal human rights, equal access and equal opportunity. The Vanguard was created in the spirit of collective learning and collaborative knowledge. Our discussions are centered on the creation of a new enlightened world that transitions the U.S. from a system of quick profits and self-interest into one that meets the needs of people in a long-term sustainable fashion.

In order to solve complex problems, it’s essential to learn how to trace the steps to find root causes of society’s problems, taking a deeper look at where they originate. From poverty to unemployment to social inequality, understanding context reveals that these problems are not isolated, but rather, tied to an interconnected network of structural elements.

We are seeking an intelligent and peaceful approach in developing real world visions and strategies to create a paradigm shift, with a commitment to improving upon the welfare and security of the masses. Creating a unified world begins with awakening minds, helping to educate and inspire others through a process of shared knowledge, empowering people in our own neighborhoods, beating the drumbeat of resistance in our own streets.

Building a conscientious and equitable system requires the overcoming of atomization and the involvement of a well-informed public that includes the participation of those most affected by injustices. A revolutionary movement for collective freedom rests upon building class consciousness and collective collaboration.

Bring your ideas and your skills to the table, or if you would like to listen in and open up to new ideas, we welcome anyone with an open mind and a fighting spirit. Join us in a collaborative discussion space to brainstorm ideas that will spark the revolution!

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The Vanguard: Intellectual Self-Defense

True revolutions need theory.

From the birth of the Occupy movement to the thrilling rise of a self-described socialist in the Democratic party, the American Left has not been so united and energized for decades. Racially-motivated murder, American imperialist violence, crippling student debt, poisoned water, ruined classrooms, an exploding rate of homelessness, a healthcare system that leaves patients to die in waiting rooms, and a litany of other systematic abuses have turned public opinion against the reigning economic and political order. The time feels ripe for organizing.

Building a movement for systemic change must involve developing clear, creative and compelling alternatives to how schools, the media, and an increasingly corporate-sponsored academy have framed our social awareness, our organizing techniques, and our goals.

What kind of a system should replace capitalism? What is the relationship of racial justice movements to the struggle for economic justice? Where does our movement fit in to the history of popular struggles in the United States and across the world? What can be learned from successful revolutions of the past?

In response to the pressing need for theoretical and organizational sophistication, this is a call to HIT THE BOOKS. We propose the creation of revolutionary studios for intellectual self-defense. Meetings where the committed can seriously engage the issues that matter most, shaping our values and our strategy. The very opposite of a school classroom, the revolutionary studio is a place for communal self-education and discussion.